Why Us?

Protecting, defending, and building families and children by providing aggressive and affordable legal services to our community.

One of the Largest All-Female Firms in Oklahoma

All too often, women are told that they have to choose between being a mother and being a source of financial income for their household. Our firm and each one of our employees are living proof that this way of thinking is not only sexist and outdated, but unequivocally false. We know that the life of a lawyer is often busy and chaotic, but we aim to break this mold by providing a workplace that allows you to not only support your family, but to have the time and freedom to live your life outside of the office as well.

Empathy & Honesty

When a parent makes a decision, their thought process isn’t “how will this affect me?” but rather “how will this affect myself and my family?”  We apply the same approach to each of our clientele, which is why you’ll often hear us refer to our firm as family-centered.  While we are focused on winning your case, we are equally focused on ensuring the winning arrangement is one that benefits your family as a whole. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients while ensuring they understand what is occurring along the way. Sometimes the legal process goes in directions that are not fair or right, but no matter the circumstances, we remain focused on achieving the end goal that is best for each individual case.

Broad Team Experience

Teamwork is at the core of everything we do. Two lawyers will always be assigned to each case to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our team not only has years of combined experience, but also a wide breadth of experience, both in terms of practice areas and the courts in which we have practiced. We are well versed in prosecuting and defending from both sides of the courtroom, allowing you to receive well rounded counsel that has insights into all aspects of the legal process. We have experience in all aspects of law, both in the state and federal courts here in Oklahoma as well as tribal, administrative, and municipal courts.

Partnership Approach

We firmly believe that each client relationship is best described as a business partnership.  If both sides are putting in the effort and level of detail needed, we both win.  Your success becomes our success, and vice versa.  We are solution oriented, working to get your case resolved in the fastest and most economical way possible. At the start of each case we take on, we ask our clients what they want out of their case, what their goals are, what they want to accomplish, and how they want to get there. Once we know where you want to go, we can build a roadmap detailing how we intend to get there and what the next steps are.

Not Afraid of Hard Battles

The aspect of our firm that we are proudest of is the ability to help the individuals and families who might not otherwise receive or feel like they can get help. We demonstrate this by taking on many cases that other firms think are too hard or too controversial. Our core focus is to do our utmost to improve the current state of the justice system, the quality of life of our clients, and protect the rights of children and families. We believe that taking on hard battles is the best way to do this and effect change at every level of our judicial system. We have extensive jury trial experience and have successfully tried many complex legal cases, both civil and governmental in nature.

Authors & Speakers

For several years, Rachel was the author of a weekly column that ran in several local Oklahoma newspapers, such as the Yukon Progress and the Okarche Warrior. In her column she shared her perspectives on current events, both local and national. Rachel is also an avid public speaker, hosting events ranging from employment and marijuana law to estate planning. She has taught several classes on marijuana and employment law for local business owners seeking advice.


For an educated, no nonsense lawyer who will fight for you and win for you, call Rachel! She was well prepared and made even our small legal issue a priority! Highly recommend!


For an educated, no nonsense lawyer who will fight for you and win for you, call Rachel! She was well prepared and made even our small legal issue a priority! Highly recommend!


I could not have been more satisfied with the professional service I received. Every single individual that I had contact with throughout my custody issue went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, confident and appreciated. This quality is what set the Bussett Legal Group heads and shoulders above other attorneys I had dealt with in the past.


Rachel is by far one of the best attorney's in OKC area. She helped with my wife's case and has always been there when I have had any questions, Hopefully very soon she will be helping me with my adoption. I know she is always there when needed and will work very hard on anything you may need.


Can't say enough good things about Rachel and her firm. Will take care of your needs and will make you rethink all the lawyer jokes you passed along to your friends. She is very detailed oriented, and will be honest with you. If you want someone that will fight with you and believes in your case then you found the right person. Never seen someone with so much passion for their job and for the people's lives she is fighting for! Give up that lawyer search now, you've found your lady!


Having to seek legal assistance was scary, stressful, difficult, and emotional. I could not imagine going through my situation alone knowing all the possible outcomes when it came to my children, my life, career, and my home. They took the time to listen and explain my rights, the legal process, discuss all of my options and answer my questions. They prepared me for the possible outcomes and have stood by me through some very trying times. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family.


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